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Container sizes

20 ft dry
L: 5,896 mm
W: 2,350 mm
H: 2,393 mm

40 ft high cube dry
L: 12,032 mm
W: 2,350 mm
H: 2,697 mm

20 ft reefer
L: 5,451 mm
W: 2,290 mm
H: 2,167 mm*

40 ft high cube reefer
L: 11,580 mm
W: 2,275 mm
H: 2,415 mm*

*height to red load line

Is your wooden packaging in compliance with ISPM 15? If you stuff your cargo on, for example wooden pallets, please check beforehand what kind of treatment is necessary. If it is not in compliance with ISPM 15, it can be detained at the border, sent back or destroyed by the country involved.

Please have a look on this website for rules and regulations per country.

Incoterms 2010

The Incoterms® rules describe mainly the tasks, costs and risks involved in the delivery of goods from sellers to buyers. They specify the obligations of both parties.

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